Digital Twins and Agent-based Modeling and Simulation

Digital Twins Types There are presently three types of digital twins: those for individual assets, operations and predictions. In this article, we will focus on individual assets. Examples of these assets include drilling machines in the oil and gas industry or assembly line equipment.

Distributed Decision of Trust

Distributed Decision of Trust We live in an age where most, if not all of us use interconnected technological devices all day, everyday. The interconnectivity is sometimes established by trusted third party servers, and sometimes established in a completely peer-to-peer way thanks to the advanced technologies like bluetooth and wi-fi.

Adaptive State Trie Pruning in Blockchains

Context Since its genesis in late 2008[¹], Bitcoin had a rapid growth in terms of participation, number of transactions and market value. This success is mostly due to innovative use of existing technologies for building a trusted ledger called blockchain.

Bitcoin adil bir sistem mi?

Bir önceki yazıda, Bitcoin sisteminin neden sürdürülebilir olmadığından söz etmiştim. Bu yazıda, bir başka önemli husus olan adalet konusuna değineceğim ve Bitcoin sisteminin neden adil olmadığını aktarmaya çalışacağım.

On IOTA Meetup France

I attended to IOTA Meetup France organized in Paris held at the Microsoft building a few days ago (14 December 2017). Below, I will try to convey my impressions about what the IOTA presenters talked about in this event: